Everyone wants long luscious healthy hair … you know the ads on TV with the girl flicking her long locks over her shoulder as she exits the hair salon? But what is it you need to do to have a long luscious mane that is Instagram worthy? Here are my top four tips to the hair of your dreams.


So many of our clients don’t know what treatments are and as an expert, it’s our job to educate our clients. Typically your average garden variety treatment is made up of a cream or a water-based product that has smaller molecules, which can actually bypass the scale structure called the cuticle layer and deliver all its goods into the core of your hair, whereas conditioner has larger molecules and sits on top of the cuticle layer of your hair and it’s just to make the surface smooth and shiny. Treatments can help rebuild and restructure your hair from the inside, so it’s really important to maintain your length and the integrity of your hair by having regular treatments in the salon.


I know everyone who wants long hair cringes when we mention needing a trim but here are the facts: if you have split ends they will keep snapping and make your hair shorter over time, so having regular trims will help you maintain your locks. The truth is nothing other than a haircut will repair those split ends!

Heat Tools & Heat Protection

Let’s be honest. Most of us girls use hair straighteners, curling wands and hairdryers when styling our hair, and the truth is heat damages hair, so you must put a barrier between your hair and the heat tool. Heat protectors are a cream or spray that you apply to your hair while it’s wet; it’s really that simple! Our favourites are Thermo Protect by Medavita ($25.95) and Leave In by Mr Smith ($38.00).

Healthy Hair Starts At The Roots

Let’s talk about your scalp. Healthy hair really does start at the roots; if you want to maintain long healthy locks you need to check the health of your scalp. If the pores on your scalp are clogged you need to open them up to promote growth. Just as you would exfoliate your face, you also need to exfoliate your scalp. At Saint Rose, we offer complimentary scalp analysis. During the analysis, we will be able to tell you what steps you need to take to achieve the best results.

So there you have it; my top four tips to a long luscious mane. It’s really that simple. No magic potion is going to get you there; just patience and a little maintenance.